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  • Lajevardi Foundation began work in 2005, with the publication of “Visual Arts” magazine. Since its launch, this independent art/cultural Foundation located in Tehran has held various domestic and international exhibitions, printed and published books, and organized lectures and films in an attempt to play an active role in the advancement of the artistic atmosphere of Iran. The Foundation has also arranged opportunities for communication with international artistic figures, and collaborative art events. Additionally the Foundation has been able to collect many works of painting, sculpture, photography, and video art, including works from the early years of Iranian modern art as well as more recent movements. The Lajevardi Foundation has regular and continuous collaborations with Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, and various art organizations and galleries. Alongside these projects, Honar-e Moaser Printing and Publishing Company, which is affiliated with the Lajevardi Foundation, has published various catalogues and books in order to present a more clear picture of art events both inside and outside of Iran.