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  • Lajevardi Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization that began its activities in 2005 by focusing on the recognition and promotion of contemporary Iranian and international art and culture. In recent years Lajevardi Foundation has organized exhibitions for many renowned contemporary artists, arranged research oriented and educational seminars in collaboration with experts, and created opportunities for experimental projects in the area of visual arts and new media. Our aim is to create a suitable context to allow for the development of new and creative ideas in contemporary art. As such we support conceptual and cultural movements that have been seen less often and have new things to say. Consequently, with the assistance of Contemporary Art Publication Company, which is affiliated with Lajevardi Foundation, we also create, design, and publish books and catalogs for galleries, museums, biennales, and art auctions.
    Lajevardi Foundation’s Center for Cultural/Social Review has also collaborated with cultural sociologists in documenting artistic events in contemporary Iranian society and designing historic archives. The Foundation’s philosophy is to create a context for the study and understanding of contemporary art, including its relation to contemporary social events in Iran and around the world.
    Another goal that the Foundation has pursued since it was first established is to strengthen international relations in the area of art and culture by collaborating with universities and established organizations, and by creating an atmosphere for interaction and work between artists, cultural researchers, collectors, and curators.