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  • Bobak Etminani, A Retrospective

    24 November 2017 _ 3 March 2018

  • Bobak Etminani was born in Tehran on March 3. His parent’s values formed part of Bobak’s character. Also studying at Alborz High had deep impact on his life. Alborz was much more than a high school. It was where the country’s elite students, teachers, and administrative staff, all handpicked by its principal, Dr. Mojtahedi, had turned out.  He was 28. On a winter day in 1984, he left home with the intention to go out and write. on that grayish Tuesday, he experienced something uncanny. He saw the simultaneous presence of four seasons in a single tree. He saw how the seasons metamorphosed into one another. This intuitive experienced transformed his understanding of nature and changed his path for good. It was as if his soul had been C-sectioned and the artist-within had come out. His mind was now capable of seeing reality from a different angle.