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  • Inner Telescope; A space artwork by Eduardo Kac

    A documentary by Virgil Novarina

    A production of the Observatoire de I’Espace du CNES
    Curator: Foad Alijani
    Thursday and Friday, 25-26 March. 2021 | 12 to 6 pm

  • Lajevardi Foundation presents in support of Paadmaan projects:Screening of the film "Inner Telescope; A space artwork by Eduardo Kac"

    The Inner Telescope film was made in 2017 by The Space Observatory, a subsidiary of the French National Center for Space Studies. Along with the screening of this 35-minute documentary by French artist Novarina, the project's artist book by Marie-Sol Parant is also be introduced.
    The screening of the Inner Telescope film is taken place in the seventh year of the Lajevardi Foundation's Nowruz programs under the title "Culture for the City". The purpose of holding this series of plays is to maintain citizens' interaction with the visual arts and new media space during the long Nowruz holiday, as well as to enrich the experience of modern urban life through cultural events.
    The Inner Telescope is Eduardo Kac's first "Space Poetry." The project is part of a performance by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet during his mission to the International Space Station.

    Eduardo Kac explains his project: "For thirty years, I have been exploring the boundaries of poetry and exploring the possibility of developing its meaning in the realm of material science and technology,". I create poems that open the doors of language to the dimensions and aspects of novel and unprecedented experiences. In the 1980s and 1990s, I developed holographic and digital poetry. In doing so, I participated in a global movement that laid the foundation for Media Poetry. "In this work, I published the manifesto of 'Space Poetry', in which I defended the idea that when speech is freed from the imperatives of gravity, poetry will open up new avenues."

    “The letter (M) forms the shape of the human body. From this side, the protruding tube-shaped protrusion from the umbilical cord of this ghost is reminiscent of a severed umbilical cord, indicating a humanity that has severed its connection to its terrestrial origins. The general view of this volumetric poem is reminiscent of the meeting between surfaces and cylinders that clearly represent the shape of the International Space Station”. *Kac says in part of book project tilted Inner telescope.

    Novarina’s film is an example of a documentary about contemporary art projects. In this film, the director tries to represent the complex and multidimensional message of Eduardo Kac about our understanding of the concept of "artistic creation" and the metamorphosis of poetic tools in the present time, by linking documentary and research. The inner telescope is a metaphor for contemplating the planet earth and the future of man from different angles.
    Paadmaan Projects is a Tehran-based artist-based platform that seeks to develop the contemporary art discourse and creatively pursue interdisciplinary issues in the Iranian art community through curatorial programs. By focusing on research, dialogue, and presentation, Paadmaan intends to enhance the communication space of the art community and connect it to the international area.

    *“Inner Telescope; a space Artwork by Eduardo Kac”, Authors Group, published in Paadmaan’s project, second edition, Iran, 1399

    © A production of the Observatoire de I’Espace du CNES, 2017