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  • Lajevardi Foundation|Face Job by Gerald Rossbacher
  •  Lajevardi Foundation|Face Job by Gerald Rossbacher
  •  Lajevardi Foundation|Face Job by Gerald Rossbacher
  • Face Job

    face job

    Gerald Rossbacher
    12 September 2014
    19 -21 p.m.

  • The collection of “One Thousands and One Era” consist of chain of works which were lunched in the Garden Museum of Ghasr in May 2014. The curator of this exhibition was Mr. Ali Etehadi. In the tenth part of this collection the Austrian artist Mr. Gerald Rossbacher executed a performance titled as “The Bogus Visage of Tehran” in Lajevardi Foundation.
    The main primary concept and initial idea of this project was highly based on the augmented impact and influences of media toward our perception regarding the concept of reality in the current modern day.
    The world surrounded us is consisted of various layers and is plural and has polygamy structure. Moreover, Media had inverted and reshaped our judgment and prejudice toward
    The concept of aesthetic, justice, heroism, happiness, life style and etc.
    Countless faces appear and represent in the Media and newspapers as models and symbols for beauty, success and improvement, whose conceptual and visual details alongside their features and personalities are shaped and designed in plural formats by the modern medias and incessantly alter our taste.
     The artist tries to use the dominant features of the modern styles in his visages in a symbolic manner in order to illuminate the constant changes and the pace which medias enforce upon the figure of each person like a burden.
     Incessant modifications and changes which in reality have no effect except to weary the subjects and lead to their lassitude.