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    This Side, That Side
    An Exhibition of Austrian art collection
    23 September- 14 October, 2016

  • The “RTL;LTR” is a  reciprocal exhibition between Iranian and Austrian artists, the title of this exhibition is retrieved from the same informatics expression, which indicates the writing style of left to write and write to left inscription frames and formats. This subtle aspect and matter is the main principle, root, and base of this mutual cultural and artistic exchange among these two countries. This event is the results of Tarlan Rafiee, Yashar Samimi Mofakham, and Peter Aussmaan’s attempts.
    Whether in Iran or in Austria, viewers would absorb and interpret the art collection presented, due to their own cultural, regional and social backgrounds and eventually would face a chain of conceptual meanings related to these collections, which not only would strength this artistic profound discourse but also leads toward perfection and ultimately reaching its best aspects.
    This exhibition was held in Austria this summer and work of 17 Persian Artists shown in Forum Gallery and Art Mark Gallery in Vienna and 17 art pieces by Austrian artist shown in Lajevardi Foundation Parallel.