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    Performance, Installation, Sound
    Leonie Roessler & Navid Salajegheh
    16 March _ 20 April 2018

  • Stones is an installation by Iranian artist Navid Salajegheh that consists of three acts; a tool to calculate the threshold between in balance and imbalance, using materials which carefully collected and a hand-operated device which recreates the sliding and rolling sound of stones and a conversation with stones installation by German artist Leonie Roessle. She created a four channel installation. What is at stake here is the present sound fragments recorded by the bank of Rhine river which is transformed into a soundscape oscillating between actual geographical locations and a lived yet blurry memory. The link between the two projects can be followed in parallel, in the ways each artist offers different interpretation of movement/transportation.
    Stones project is a distance conversation opening in mid-March at Lajevardi Foundation, Tehran and will be on view for almost a month.