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    A gathering and a talk with Taraneh Hemami, Regarding the Exhibition of her works at AG Gallery

    Tuesday 24 May 2016 - 19-21 p.m.

  • This event began by introducing the artist Taraneh Hemami, who is a resident of San Francisco city, after the introduction she explained the process of her works.
    Since the year 2000, in which she took the citizenship of the United States, understanding the condition of Persian immigrants and all their related matters became important to her.
    In September 2001 she invited them to recite and share their memories and stories with her and as this date was parallel to the 11 September tragic event in the USA, gaining their trust became so hard for her and caused many questions for the immigrants.
    During many educational workshops and with collaborations of various Iranian-American organizations and local authors such as Shahrnoosh Parsipoor and Zari Taheri this project became possible.
    In this event, the audiences were asked to bring some pictures with themselves.

    Considering the installation aspects, Hemami created many tiles in which, she placed each picture and ensemble them with writings.

    These tiles were representatives of the concept of identity, which were a merge and an affiliation of memories, glass, mirrors, pictures, and patterns, moreover, the photographs of the viewers and the environment were reflected in the parallel.

    In this installation, which comprises the pictures of different generations Hemami represents a picture of Iranian figures and persona, which have been seen and viewed less by western people

    Taraneh Hemami is an Iranian artist, who took residency of San Francisco, she received her M.A. in the major of Drawing from the Art University of California. She participated in various worldwide solo and Group Exhibitions, programs such as the Rose of Chirst Project, which was held in London, Sharjah Art Foundation in Dubai, Yerba Buena Art centre in San Fransico and Villa Empain Foundation in Bruxelles.
    Some of her artworks are kept in the best and most established museums of the world, places like the Victoria and Albert Museum of London and British Museum.