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    Group Exhibition
    24 - 30 April, 2015
    Artists: Foroozan Shirghani, Ali Yar Rasti, Hossein Torrabi

  • In this exhibition, selected drawings and paintings of Foroozan Shirghani, alongside a video by Ali Yar Rasti and a short film by Hossein Torabi were presented, in this exhibition Glasses are the main object and the mutual concept which played a critical role in this project.
    Foroozan Shirghani’s drawings are comprised of portraits drawn over these faces, forms and features of these faces are exaggerated and even to some extend may seem unrealistic. There are not many differences among these portraits yet glasses are the elements which personalize the portraits and dedicate a character to them.
    In addition to these paintings there are installations, which are consisted of a collection of glasses made by wire and colorful fabrics and textiles which were hanged from the ceiling.
    In this piece Shirghani detached an ordinary object from its casual place and usage in daily life and to some extend de-familiarize this object.

    Aside this exhibition, the artist Ali Rasti in one of his works, put a frame of a glasses on various faces and took pictures of them, and ensembles them in a continues fast track movie while beside the place, the situation and the condition of the glasses would not differ, the whole point and the main focus of this pieces is regarding the influence and impact of the glasses upon the expressions, characteristic and personalities of each person and in general aspects, on human beings.

    Moreover, in this project a short film by Hossein Totrabi was presented parallel. This short film is about a boy with a poor sight who will face many problems caused by his classmates, since he has to wear glasses, this film was awarded in the Institute of Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents in 1979.