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  • Survey Exhibition Ali Nassir

    23 June _ 21 July 2023
    Monday _ Thursday: 12 – 8 PM
    Friday: 4 – 9 PM

  • Lajevardi Foundation and O Gallery are pleased to announce the first survey exhibition of 40 years of work by Ali Nassir (b. 1951, Tehran), a pioneering artist whose powerful paintings have made unique creative contributions to contemporary Iranian art.
    The upcoming exhibition will be on display in two parts in O Gallery and Lajevardi Foundation from June 23 to July 21, 2023. O Gallery will focus on showcasing recent works by the artist while Lajevardi Foundation will showcase the artist’s works created between 1980 and 2020 as well as never before exhibited pieces in Iran.

  • Memories and forgetting

    Masoumeh Mozafari is an artist whose social and political issues of contemporary Iranian society play a prominent role in her works. Her realism exhibits scenes from everyday life featuring people with silent, neutral, and indifferent faces.

  • Roads and Flowers disappear

    This collection is an invitation to a deeper observation, free from the usual constraints and previous assumptions and limitations so that we can understand the objects and other phenomena around us in a novel, creative and different way. It is Like stepping on an unknown path that seeks to answer the question:
    What is the meaning of our daily life experiences?
    And the answer waiting at the end could be nothing or too many things.


    The Iranian Artists' Emergency Fund provides immediate financial aid to artists in need, covering essential expenses like medical bills, rent, and study trips.

  • In Bewilderment of Birds

    Life and works of Pantea Rahmani,
    From 1994 to 2021

    An exhibition of giant birds. Latest works of the contemporary artist, formerly known for her collection of demons, bold self-portraits and panoramic images Tehran. But for some time now she has been focused on her giant bird’s collection. “In Bewilderment of Birds" project includes 50 works by Pantea Rahmani. Project exhibition will be held simultaneously in Lajevardi Foundation and Etemad Gallery. The Exhibition includes two other parts, the book launch of exhibition and the screening of two documentaries, "‌Bukan’s Bride" and "Little Owl’s Song", which are held at the Lajevardi Foundation. A review of the artist's intellectual courses prior recently, will also be held at Etemad Gallery.

  • Inner Telescope; A space artwork by Eduardo Kac

    The Inner Telescope film was made in 2017 by The Space Observatory , a subsidiary of the French National Center for Space Studies. Along with the screening of this 35-minute documentary by French artist Novarina, the project's artist book by Marie-Sol Parant is also be introduced.

  • Artists Emergency Aid

    Artists Emergency Aid is a group that consists of Iranian artists who work to finance immediate donations to meet the artists’ essential needs such as medical expenses, housing rents, and study trips. This fund enables its participants and operators to fulfill part of their social responsibility towards the cultural and artistic community.

  • Nūr, a selection of Ehsan Lajevardi's private collection

    The collection contains pieces from some prominent artists like Masoud Arabshshi, Farshid Maleki and Bobak Etminani, to some thriving artists such as Vahid Hakim and Sahand Hessamiyan, and also a younger generation of artists, namely Mohammadreza Mirzaei, Ashkan Sanei and Maryam Imani.

  • Eastern-Whistle, A New Day

    Eastern-Whistle, A New Day" Lajevardi Foundation's new persian year exhibition of 9 emerging Iranian artists, a project curated by Freydoun Ave.



    An exhibition on the dissolution of the self as a gesture of empathy.


    Stones is an installation that consists of three acts; a tool to calculate the threshold between in balance and imbalance, using materials which carefully collected and… 

  • Bobak Etminani, A Retrospective

    This exhibition as it is apparent from its title is a retrospective of artist’s works from beginning until now. In opening ceremony, a book titled “Bobak Etminani” was previewed… 

  • Trans- Trans- Figuration: Sheikh Safi's Anecdote & Any Expandable Thing

    "Farsh" as an expandable thing performs a conceptual derivative to study a series of social and professional relations in the domain of art in Tehran. This research-based… 

  • Visage the private collection of Fereydoun Ave

    This collection as it is apparent from its title has gathered based on a familiar subject, the traditional concept of drawing portraits, which created a huge portion of… 


    The “RTL; LTR” is a reciprocal exhibition between Iranian and Austrian artists, the title of this exhibition is retrieved from the same informatics expression, which…

  • Homage to Hafiz By Gunther Uecker

    An exhibition of printed works, by one of the most established and known Modern German artist, Gunter Uecker was presented on the eve of Friday, May 6, 2016 at Lajevardi Foundation…

  • Polish Posters in Tehran

    In the official Week of the Graphics and Visual Arts celebrated in Poland, an exhibition titled as “The Polish Modern Posters” was held in Lajevardi Foundation parallel… 

  • Fearless; The Next Wave of Iranian Artists

    Fearless; another wave of Iranian Artists”, selected by Fereydoun Ave, was opened simultaneously at Araan Projects, O Gallery and Lajevardi Foundation in Tehran and…


    This collection has been gathered based on a familiar subject matter. MARDAA MARD is an exhibition in which the dominant and majority of masculine atmospheres and…

  • My First Twins by Mani Mehrzad

    Lajevardi Foundation presented an installation by Mani Mehrzad, titled as “My First Twins.” Alongside the exposure, the artist Mr. Mehrzad held an auction for…

  • Objects as they Act Upon Me, As I Document them

    The art Collection of the Persian Contemporary Artist, Mrs. Bita Razavi who is a resident of Finland, Was exhibited in the Lajevardi Foundation. This presentation which…

  • The Exhibition of Issidro Ferrer illustrations

    Issidro Ferrer who is one of the leading characters and well known Illustrator and graphic designers of Spain was the international special guest of the Silver Cedar Ceremony’s Forth anniversary...

  • Transparency

    After presenting two separate projects in Plugin Exhibition of the Istanbul Contemporary Art Festival 2015, Lajevardi Foundation proudly presents this exhibition in Tehran…

  • Group Exhibition

    In this collection, various artistic pieces like photography, drawings, video and installations are gathered. Unlike the general common believe the element that…

  • The Other Half by Bijan Siafouri

    The “Other Half” is the title of Mr.Bijan Sayfouri‘s Project, who is a Persian Graphic designer and Photographer, this project has begun in the 2004. In this collection… 

  • Glasses

    In this exhibition, selected drawings and paintings of Foroozan Shirghani, alongside a video by Ali Yar Rasti and a short film by Hossein Torabi were presented…

  • Thirteen artists for a brand-new day

    Lajevardi Foundation was the only host of a gallery in Norouz 1394 in Tehran. This collection consists of works of national and international artists. This…

  • We Prefer to look at the history of the Future

    This exhibition presents works of ten polish artists. This collection comprises of pictures, sculptures, film and videos and each piece somehow refer us to past, a time past and a history…

  • Culture of Peace

    Art knows no boundaries or habitat, language of art never give in to the regional borders, it always wonders about a home land. Culture is the mutual borderline in which different people...

  • Chronologically – Seven portraits of Negar

    The passage of time and this transition between the current moment and past, would lead to the creation of a space we grand, while recollecting and commemorating past… 

  • Face Job

    In our media world we are surrounded by sugarcoated images of people and delivered an ideal of beauty, whose promises the depicted bodies can only keep by utilizing technical and…

  • Tehran Art

    Tehran Art is a collection of contemporary art of Iran, in which selected works of fifty Iranian artists were introduced and previewed, some parts of this…