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  • 'Segments of the City By Idin Bagheri'

    “Segments of the city” directed By Idin Bagheri was previewed in Lajevardi Foundation, with the presence of the director and the guest art critic, Zarvan Roohbakhsh.
     This movie briefly narrates and indicates the concept of graffiti and the urban art...

  • 'Taraneh Hemami'

    This event began by introducing the artist Taraneh Hemami, who is a resident of San Francisco city, after the introduction she explained the process of her works.
    Since the year 2000...

  • 'Flux of Immigration, A Conflict between Two Sights'

    A discussion and a gathering regarding works of Gazal Radpey accompanied with Amin Moghadam, scholar and researcher in the of field of Humanities.

    ...Some of the main goals of this discussion were surveying the evolution and