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  • Segments of the City By Idin Bagheri

    New Media Gatherings
    Number 23
    April 27, 2016
    Previewing the movie “Segments of the city”

  • New Media Gatherings
    Number 23
    April 27, 2016
    Previewing the movie “Segments of the city”

    “Segments of the city” directed By Idin Bagheri was previewed in Lajevardi Foundation, with the presence of the director and the guest art critic, Zarvan Roohbakhsh.
    This movie briefly narrates and indicates the concept of graffiti and the urban art, moreover, it tries to survey some of these aspects and various matters through a documentary point of view.
    As the director quotes " how could a city be what we desire? to what extend and how far urban landscapes could influence our sense of satisfaction and content us?
    Such queries and arguments led him to survey a new style and to some extend an orthodox phenomenon of street graffiti. By the sociological approaches Idin Bagheri survived and studied them through the frame of image parallel with interviewing the creators of these pieces, he continued his analyses alongside talking to experts like Zarvan Roohbakhsh.

    The main purpose and goal of this documentary is to create a general awareness regarding this criterion, in addition to glance at and ponder about all the upheavals, barriers and obstacles that these graphists encounter. Furthermore, he in tented to undertake this question, whether their creations would lead to demolishing and sabotaging the appearance of urban sites and should be counted as a vandalizing act , or is it an artistic action regardless of all the aesthetics matters or any other type of daily resistant behavior toward the order of urban rules and regulations.

    Time of this movie was 60 minutes and it made a great impact on young generation of audiences, and the discussion session was held right after the preview of the movie and the director Mr.Bagheri breifly indicated his intentions of making this movie.
    Idin Bagheri was born in 1992 in Tehran, currently he is active as an sociologist, researcher, photographer and director of documentaries regarding sociological aspects. He received his B.A in the field of social science research in 2013 and received his M.A of sociology from Azad University in 2014.
    his passion and working criteria was focused toward the sociological aspects, urban-ism and photography.
    outcome of his surveys and studies could be traced in his various articles and documentaries , which we could refer to segments of the city and many other documentaries as some of his works.

    besides the mentioned activities, recently  he is working with photography and video medias.