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  • 'Y.Z. Kami'

    This book is from the recent works that printed in Contemporary Art Publication which lunched simultaneously with the exhibition of Kami’s paintings at AB-ANBAR Art Gallery (collaborating with Lajevardi Foundation) in 2018.

    Also, the limited edition prints of his works are published by Contemporary Art Publication.

  • 'Farshid Maleki'
    A Selection of the Artist’s Black and White Drawing along with His Poems.
    Lajevardi Foundation in collaboration with Emkan Gallery...
  • 'Behjat Sadr'

    Behjat Sadr: Trace through the black | Tehran | 2016
    launched in 2016 simultaneuosly with the exhibition of her paintings (with the same name of this book) at AB/ANBAR gallery and Aria gallery in Tehran.

  • 'Shideh Tami'

    Published in conjunction with a solo exhibition by the artist at O Gallery, Tehran, 2016 and it was a collaborative project between Lajevardi Foundation, Contemporary Art Publication and O gallery.
    This book includes the biography and selected works of her.

  • 'Mehrdad Sadri'


    Mehrdad Sadri, an Iranian painter and sculptor who had been working in Austria for nearly 4 decades. His works have a proper presence in many international artistic events and they are also, collected in many private collections and museums, such as the museum of modern art in Austria.