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  • Flux of Immigration, A Conflict between Two Sights

    Flux of Immigration, A Conflict between Two Sights

     June 7, 2016

  • A discussion and a gathering regarding works of Gazal Radpey accompanied with Amin Moghadam, scholar and researcher in the of field of Humanities.

    Some of the main goals of this discussion were surveying the evolution and transition of artistic works of Ghazal Radpey, it was held with the presence of the artist and Amin Moghadam at Lajevardi Foundation.

    Radpey is known as an artist, who genuinely cares about the social matters, and created and organized various projects based on social and group works. In this event she mentioned some of her projects, one of which was about working with children who had done felonies which took place in 1995 in Iran.
    To some extend her work is related to the concept of immigration, which is rooted in her own personal experiences.
    In her works, by using various elements such as maps, flags, trees and suit cases she indicated these experiences and roots. In her works she deconstructs the structures of maps and creates a new flat for shaping new motifs and issues.
    The subject of her recent works are the concept of roots, being rootless and attachments. In this event she emphasizes on her main purpose, which is the concept of attachments and belonging rather than immigration. This notion is deeply related to Culture, Society, Family and language. While in the modern life style meaning of Immigration has faced many alterations.
    When we talk about immigration we don’t mean cutting the old roots and creating new ones, yet the aim is to relate and create new chains, adapting parallel with staying in a multi layered condition, while considering all the aspects.
    Which due to its hardship and complexity it turns to a vast challenge for artist.
    As a visual artists Radpey, alongside with Moghadam as researcher and a scholar who is active in the field of humanities and immigration both had similar experiments about immigration in France.
    One of the other aspects illuminated in this gathering and discussion was the mutual dialogue between these two experts, which was shaped during all those years and how it affected their professional works.

    By considering epistemological aspects, such an interaction for a scholar, whose prophecy and vision is to convey an objective picture from society, could be regarded as a significant meaning. Consequently artist finds this opportunity to examine her own mind and imagination in the field of scientific discourses before picturing them in her artistic works and describing them in an actual form.
    Ghazal Radpey was born in 1966 In Tehran. Despite her passion and eagerness for continuing her academic studies, due to the upheavals and atmosphere of universities in 80s, eventually she had to drop her studies and travel to France in 1986. She received her B.A and M.A in Visual Art major from school of Fine Art France, after while began her studies in Cinema major at Montpellier University.
    For maintaining her inner relation and bond, she returned to Iran and four years done many activities in artistic fields.
    As she knew the existing practical issues and problems in the artistic atmosphere of Iran, she tried to find solutions and solve such issues.
    During these four years she held solo exhibitions in galleries outside of Tehran, places such as Mard Abad Garden. Her exhibitions comprised, Photographs, installations of sculptures, Happening Art, Video and performances. One of her main goals was to break the invisible border between artists, gallery owners and audiences, parallel to break the absolute solid traditional dogmas and conservative believes regrading Medias, alongside challenging exhibitions areas and indicative methods of art.
    Before leaving Iran once again, she managed two other events and exhibitions of artworks in 13 Gallery Vanak and Golestan Gallery.
    Since the year 2000, Radpey had been constantly travelling between France and Iran and held various exhibitions in these countries alongside other countries around the world.
    Her art works are kept in numerous public collections around the world, places such as The Modern Museum of Art, George Pompidou center in Paris, The Modern Museum of Vienna and the Museum of History of Immigration in Paris.