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    Moorehshin Allahyari- Mohamad Hossein Zareei
    19 October 2015

  • After presenting two separate projects in Plugin Exhibition of the Istanbul Contemporary Art Festival 2015, Lajevardi Foundation proudly presents this exhibition in Tehran.
    In this presentation, the viewers could see the art work of two Persian artists who live across the borders, Ms.Moorehshin Allahyari and Mr. Mohamad Hossein Zareei
    Ms. Allahyari’s artistic piece is a 3D printed model and a parody of an ancient handmade and a historical art craft which its roots goes back to the Assyrian’s period in Nineveh territory in addition to Roman sculptures from Hatra or Al-Hadr city which were sabotaged by ISIS recently.
    Meticulously in his Resin statues, the artist embedded a memory cart which is compounded of related pictures, maps, PDF and videos and restored the last months before destruction of these masterpieces, monuments and historic sites.

    The second piece belongs to Mr.Zareei which is titled as: “Brut Machine”. This complex sculpture is consisted of ten separated audio mechanical pieces, which uses the looped incessant repetitive one or two scales repetitions.
    This piece instantly attracts and absorbs viewer’s attention to the substantive essence and modality of its rudimentary auditory elements, expounded details and ascendancies.
    Moreover, it subtly emphasizes on the material validity parallel with the unexpended linear aspects of the piece. Also, it should be mentioned that the existing ensemble in this piece, benefits from some non-musical objects which would sound bizarre and sound not so enchanting to the ears as a whole.