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  • Nūr, a selection of Ehsan Lajevardi's private collection

    2 - 21 September, 2020

  • In its second decade of activities, Lajevardi Foundation has decided to exhibit parts of its art collection. The collected series, contain various works of Iran art. Some of the artworks belong to prominent and well-established artists which naturally have a place in any valuable art collection. Other collected artworks belong to the artists who have created their artworks in a different manner from mainstream, and are non-conformed to contemporary practices.

    Collecting artwork was initiated by art sponsor, collector, and the cultural manager of the Lajevardi Foundation, Ehsan Lajevardi. In recent years, his activities as an art graduate, have included setting up exhibitions of a wide range of artists, publishing books and creating opportunities for research and experiment in the contemporary art sphere.

    The approach of collecting artworks in Lajevardi Foundation, mirrors the collector’s personal view and interests, and the enjoyment of gathering artworks with distinct ideas behind, and simultaneously pays a closer attention to significant and thought provoking works of art. Introducing aforementioned collected pieces to the public, as well as encouraging other art collectors to exhibit their collections are the main purposes behind setting up such an exhibition.